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Agaricus Bisporus

Merging opulence with minimalist contours, this piece transcends illumination to become an emblem of modern sophistication. Its silhouette, inspired by the organic form of the common mushroom, casts a warm, inviting glow, perfect for any refined space.



Rapid prototype

Starting the project, I rapidly prototype in SolidWorks, exploring the design from four directions. I then use KeyShot to showcase the basic form and function, providing a clear view of the concept's essentials and potential.



Select one direction and create four similar models, each with subtle variations. Rendering in KeyShot in diverse environments, I highlight the unique feeling and aesthetics of each form, demonstrating how context influences perception and design appeal.



In the final step, I integrate the chosen design into various luxurious settings, ensuring it complements and enhances each environment. The focus is on crafting a cozy lighting experience, with attention to how the light blends with and elevates the atmosphere's opulence.

4 2.jpg
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