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ray gun

3D modeling class

2022 Summer

Recreating a blast from the past! Inspired by water pistols and 1950s aesthetics. At least one part is retained from the original product. 


Solid works, Rhino, procreate, Photoshop, AI


Original product


The critical element in my design is the bold elegance of the 1950s. This product took inspiration from the combination of classic materials and nostalgia. The leather with the golden decorations conveys a sense of luxury. And the retrofuturist space-age shape language associates the product with bold adventures.

I decided to save the inner part and a small opening on the original piece so I could have freedom to play with the form.

Untitled_Artwork 2_edited_edited_edited_

I made the whole gun have an elegant look—the gold decoration and leather handle create an old-fashioned space-age approach to the squirt gun.


I use the loft tool in SolidWorks to create the uneven shapes and curves. Also, by extruding and intersecting, I added a gold decoration belt to the gun and a thicker layer to indicate the leather handle. I also used a dome to form the silver screw to make the design more realistic and old-fashioned.


As for the color, I chose classic red and gold for the primary color, with black to make the whole color palette in harmony and have an old-fashioned feeling.

I 3D printed the parts. The part fits well together. 0.02 inches tolerance is perfect for creating a slot.

I use Bondo to fix the imperfect surfaces and sand them to 220 grit. Then, I use a high build primer on the piece, sand it, and apply another coat.


I let the first coat dry and then applied another Tamiya surface primer for a smoother surface.

I add texture to the laser-cut piece to make it look more in harmony with the piece and make the surface more playful.


Then, I did a color test sample and chose the classic red and gold that matched nicely. After that, I used a brush on the gold decorations' leather handles.

final 2.jpg

Then, I render the piece in keyshot and adjust lighting and texture to make the gun realistic and interesting.

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