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Infinity X

Drone for welding at height

2024 Spring | work in progress

"Infinity X" is a modular drone integrated with a robotic arm that performs high-altitude welding during maintenance. This device revolutionizes high-altitude welding by reducing the risks associated with manual operations and increasing work efficiency.

Design Background

Hazardous Working Environment


"Falling on the ground" is the top industrial accident during construction.

35,295 falling accidents happened in Japan in 2022.

Source: MHLW (Japan)

Number of casualties in accidents caused by constructing equipment in Japan

Welding is a common yet risky maintenance task. 

"1 in 250" construction workers face a fatal injury during welding. 

The dangers of working at heights and intense welding conditions increase the risk of accidents.

OSHA studies

Design statement

In order to enhance safety and improve accessibility during the maintenance of structures at height, we want to minimizes the human involvement in potentially hazardous situations, by integrating remote control technologies.

"Infinity X" performs high-altitude welding,

replacing the need for manual labor and enhancing efficiency.


• Auto welding

• Multi-scenario

• Efficiency & safety

Bench Marking | Stakeholder Map | Sequence Model

The current drone market primarily targets consumer users.

There's a great opportunity to develop a drone designed for specific industrial tasks like welding at height. With drone technology, traditional complex welding workflows can be greatly simplified, reducing the time it takes to set up equipment and minimizing the potential risks associated with people working at height.  

On a macro level, introducing the system will reduce the labor costs of the implementers and maintain a good living environment for the occupants by reducing construction pollution and noise.


More work is still in progress ...

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